OCCUPY LEARNING explores how to reclaim public space as learning space. By transforming public space with interactive learning, we stimulate personal growth and strengthen community bonds. By expanding the definition and practice of learning, we open ourselves and our societies to new possibilities. Occupy Learning is an international network of practitioners and initiatives, anyone who sees learning in public as part of community building and social change. Together we’ll consciously create a better world, starting at the local level.

Who We are

What We Do

Occupy Learning explores how to reclaim public space as learning space. Learning inspires reflection, interaction, and connection. Learning engages all members of the community, especially young people. When both individuals and societies are empowered, all of us can consciously build toward a better world, starting at the local level. To reclaim and transform public space, we apply innovative learning methods, developed by the Occupy Learning team or adopted from other current practices. Many inspiring initiatives already exist around the world, including in Berlin and Łódź, where our research began. These groups provide the fertile ground for our learning experimentation, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to amplify their work. And we want to do more than amplify their work and perform our own. Occupy Learning is an international network, an open platform to share best practices, stimulate new initiatives, and accelerate public learning projects across the globe.


From interviews, observations, collaborations, Occupy Learning records innovative learning methods that are already in practice — and also develops new methods. Any individual or initiative can submit their own method to Occupy Learning.

These methods, collected and tested, are part of this virtual “toolbox” — an online resource for any individual or group who wishes to implement their own innovative learning activities in the public spaces where they live.

  • HopUp — Just throw the ball!

    HopUp is an adaptation and transformation of the well-known game hopscotch. It is a simple childhood game, which is a lot of fun. It consists in jumping from one square to another. We designed several …

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  • Visual Chat

    In the streets of Berlin, during cold winters and warm spring afternoons, you can join visual conversations. Someone invites you to finish a visual sentence in the form of a drawing. Vice versa, you can …

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  • Circus in Public Space

      The Method of doing interactive circus activities in public space refers to the idea of a playful interaction and inspiring space transformation on the ground of an invitation to the Circus world. BACKGROUND: Since …

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A key element of Occupy Learning’s work is the global network of public learning initiatives. We serve as a platform for groups that already exist and also to encourage the creation of new projects.

The Occupy Learning network is open to anyone who wants to stimulate new ways of learning in public space. Whether you’re an individual person, a practitioner in an initiative, or you run a social organization — we welcome you to participate!

  • Lucid

    Lucid celebrates Life – in all its messiness & magic – dreaming a new reality awake through art, ritual & community, and into new frontiers of transformative culture. Lucid was initiated by a small group of …

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  • Eye-Contact Experiment

    The idea is to establish eye contact between people as a means to strengthen the power of human connection in public space, thereby strengthening the social fabric of the present and future. Our global, media-saturated …

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  • Midnight Runners

    Like all great ideas, Midnight Runners was created almost by chance. Two friends in London, motivated to run marathons but unmotivated by long work hours and the British winter, decided that running together, was the …

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